El Cruce +241


What is a Latina to do in the middle of a quarantine? Get ready for something different – As we all do our part to help minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and do our best to help our restaurants stay in business so that they can be there for us when we get past this, we urge you to follow all the safety guidelines imposed not just for your safety but everyone’s. Luckily we can still enjoy the delicious fruits of our local eateries and we have a delightful surprise to share with you in this edition- El Cruce +241 is a refreshingly new go-to place in the Southbay that you ABSOLUTELY must try. They are joining the local scene on Chula Vista’s Third Avenue and their unique entrees are available for take-out (for now). Their locale has a super positive vibe with an underground room that is bound to be a Latina Night Out destination in the future. Among all their enticing dishes we recommend the Lamb Cheeseburger, we guarantee you that you’ve never tasted anything so unique! It is served with a side of sweet potato chips salted just right. If you are in for some spice, try their habanero sauce- but use it wisely, it is definitely not for the weak!

Because they are 100% dedicated to sourcing Baja’s specialties both in food and drinks, they offer 30 taps on draft of local beers including unique breweries such as Tijuana’s Insurgente and Ensenada Brewers; not to mention their extensive wine list from the top wineries in Valle de Guadalaupe.

It is still possible to remain connected virtually with friends, and so very important to keep that going! Use any virtual platform to get together with your amigas, order in and bring it home until we can all come out and play together!