New beginnings


Last year with the start of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, life changed us; nobody imagined that we were so vulnerable, I remember well the date the quarantine was declared it was Wednesday, March 11, and we were forced to work from home, our children to study at a distance, and everything was new.  We were afraid, and we did not know the scope of the coronavirus. Businesses had to learn to work differently; some had to close and others have been able to benefit from the needs of a new reality. 

We at El Latino, Celebrando Latinas conference and Celebrando Latinas Magazine explored new ways to work we learned to do the conference for the first time virtual, which was attended by more than a thousand women.

This new reality led us to the decision to give action to a project that we already had planned on paper, Celebrando Latinas Boutique, a collective for women entrepreneurs where they can display their products and network with women like them.  

It is our goal to continue seeking ways to collaborate and implement new formulas for success. We will be inaugurating the boutique on February 5, 2021 if you are a Latina business that wants to showcase your product or a sponsor that wants to participate in this project; please reach out to us at 619-426-1491 or

You can always reach me at 

Wishing you all the best!