Boost your weekend self-care routine



Whether you’re planning on having a solo night in, hanging out with your girlfriends or have a date planned with your sweetheart, weekends are a great opportunity for some extra-special self care. Plan to be sure you have all the essentials you need to boost your self-care routine for a relaxing night in or fun night out.

For a night in or out

Boost your weekend self-care routine HEAD-TO-TOE TLC When was the last time you treated yourself so that you could feel good inside and out? Show some serious TLC to your skin, nails and hair with a DIY treatment to give yourself the ultimate full-body pampering session. Self-care shouldn’t be limited to a special occasion. Put regular dates for at home wellness sessions in your calendar. Treating yourself is always worth doing.

Get that glow

All you need is one cup of brown sugar and half a cup of coconut oil for an exfoliating, yet soothing scrub that will leave your body feeling smoother than ever. You can add a drop of your favorite essential oil to your scrub that will of er aromatherapy and make your shower smell like a high-end spa.

Cleanse your way

Clinically and gynecologist tested, it refreshes by removing odor-causing bacteria, is designed to match your natural pH level, and is free from dyes and parabens. The cleansing washes feature an array of Clinically Tested Safe Scents(TM) or even Fragrance Free.

Set the mood for a night in or out

Next, hit play on your favorite playlist that will either help you wind down or get you excited for a date or girls’ night. If you’re going out, pack purse-sized products like dry shampoo, concealer, your favorite lipstick for touch-ups and Summer’s Eve(R) Cleansing Cloths for freshening on the go, especially if you have a long night of dining and dancing ahead of you.

Instagram-worthy manicure

A new favorite design of nail af cionados is the minimalist negative space manicure that focuses on painting only the mid-to-top portion of the nail with a color and leaving the lower nail bed area bare. Keep it simple and f nish the design with a topcoat or add in a nail jewel or sticker for a bit of extra glam.