After Helping the Community Via Casa 0101 For 15 Years Josefina López Reaches Out For Support


Josefina López, Founding Artistic Director of CASA 0101 Theater in Boyle Heights, CA announced today that CASA 0101 Theater is in danger of closing its doors. López said, “I opened CASA over 15 years ago. I started CASA to create opportunities for actors and writers and artists. This is the kind of place that I wanted when I was a little girl. I thought this would be my way of giving back to my community in Boyle Heights. But, unfortunately we are on the brink of closing down because we can’t pay our rent, so we need your financial support. If you believe in what were are doing, please support us now.”

We are looking for 350 people to become $25 monthly donors on an annual basis. It’s very easy to sign up on our website,

Emmanuel Deleage, Executive Director of CASA 0101 Theater, said: “In an effort to save CASA 0101 Theater, and keep our doors open, we have launched a Fundraising Campaign. This will insure our financial stability. Presently we have 81 of the 350 donors. It’s very possible to do it, but without it, unfortunately we may have to close our doors. Over the years we have produced well over 100 plays, offered countless classes and presented many art exhibits. We invest heavily in our productions. Like many arts organizations, our theater is no longer able to sustain itself alone with our ticket sales and limited grants. We ask for your support so we can continue providing inspiring plays, so that we can continue making a difference in the lives of not only the community of Boyle Heights, but in the community of Los Angeles.” Learn more by visiting and sharing the hashtag, #casa350.

Edward Padilla, President of CASA 0101 Theater’s Board of Directors, said: “I joined CASA 0101 because I believed in Josefina López’s vision, and because I saw an opportunity to inspire our local residents, our youth and parents, and to nurture self-confidence and emotional development in those outside our CASA walls. I think it’s a void we have helped to fill over the years. Josefina and I have been volunteering as teachers of various classes offered at CASA 0101 for free. We want to continue these important programs for the betterment of our community.”